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Hong Kong Confirms Record Company Numbers Last Year

13 November 2016
Hong Kong has seen growth in the number of businesses with overseas parents and start-ups engaged in various sectors, according to Invest Hong Kong. The results of two surveys, undertaking annually by InvestHK and the Census and [..]
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BVI Focused On Attracting Businesses with 'Substance'

25 October 2016
The British Virgin Islands is to adopt a new investment policy intended to encourage companies to establish operations with substance on the islands.[..]
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Moody’s upgrades bank outlook to positive from stable

13 October 2016
Moody’s ratings agency has changed its outlook on the Cypriot banking system to positive from stable, reflecting its view that the country’s economic recovery will restore banks to profitability and improve their weak asset quality [..]
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BVI To Become A World-Leading Finance Center, Says Governor

27 September 2016
John Duncan, the Governor of the British Virgin Islands (the UK-appointed representative to the islands), has said the territory is poised to become one of the best regulated financial services jurisdictions in the world. Duncan said this is as a result of a measured response to international regulatory challenges [..]
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