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Very courteous staff and clear process. I have been globally satisfied. Thank you
SFM has been very professionnal in many ways and we are very thankful. the most important for us was to have a good constant contact, and our relationship manager made us feel she was always available for us, even if we had to call her many times per day
Very professional and efficient approach
Excellent compagny, amazing management and fast to reply. A real pleasure to work with them.
I have been very well served by SFM team. I have no complain or whatsoever and
I recommend to use their services as they are very efficient and fast.
great service and support, thanks
Contrary to the promises we can find on your wbsite the process is long. I started it beginning of July and the company has been registered exactly a month later.
Then we started the opening of a bank account. Too many questions and for some of them I really don't see utility. We arrive at a point (more than a month later) where they told me my account is almost opened. You have now to transfer USD 1500. But you will have to answer a few questions and then your account will be definitively opened. I wrote to them saying I am ready to answer more questions but before I make any transfer. Their answer is that is the normal process.
Now I ask SFM to find me another bank but I will have to pay again an amount of 360 Euros. It is not really fair because SFM advise me for the bank (Loyal). I have been told by SFM I can open with Europacific. Why not but actually I should have like to open with a bank like Barclays or HSBC but it seems impossible!