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Our price for setting up a company is € 5000

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Renewal Fees after one year € 3500

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Optional services
The nominee director service is used to ensure the highest degree of privacy and confidentiality, as the name of the director will appear in the corporate documents, in any business contract and eventually in the jurisdiction's business register.

Upon appointment of a nominee director, a Nominee Service Agreement will be signed between the client and the nominee. It will guarantee the client that the nominee can only act or sign documents upon the client's request and with the client's prior approval. Professional directors introduced by SFM work with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality.
Nominee Directors 3600 €
The nominee shareholder is appointed in order to shield the real owner of the company from being publicly associated with the ownership of that company. Upon appointment of nominee shareholder, a nominee service agreement (declaration of trust) will be signed between the client and the nominee. Nominee Shareholders introduced by SFM work with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality. Nominee Shareholders 350 €
The company will be given a phone and fax line. An operator will answer calls on behalf of your company and can transfer them and/or take a message. Telephone line in Switzerland and Fax
with answering service in the name of the company
1150 €
Obtaining a VAT number 450 €
Allows you to accept credit card payments on your web site. Internet Merchant Account 350 €
Upon selection of this option, we will design and suggest 5 logos for your company. These logos can be designed according to the company's activity or without any theme in particular. You can choose one logo among the ones suggested. The logo will be sent to you in different formats and will be inserted in the company’s letter head and business cards prepared by us. Creation of Company Logo; Business Card; and Letter Head 250 €
Upon selection of this option, we will send you a seal bearing the company's name and address. The seal is mandatory in the B.V.I, Hong Kong, Belize and in R.A.K Company Seal 150 €
Upon selection of this option, we will send you a stamp bearing the company's name and address, as well as its logo, if this option had been selected. Company Rubber Stamp 70 €
A notarization means that a notary will check all the documents we issue for your company and that he will confirm their authenticity.

An apostille is an internationally recognized certification and legalization of the corporate documents by the Government of the jurisdiction where your company has been incorporated.

We highly recommend to choose this option if you consider opening a bank account or if you need your corporate documents for any legal proceedings (such as concluding a contract, for example).
Notarisation and Apostille on Documents 150 €
If you have selected the « Nominee Director » option, a power of attorney can be issued in your favour in order to be able to act on behalf of the company. Power(s) of Attorney 150 €
Bank account
in Belize 360 €
in Cyprus 360 €
in Dubai
(Cannot be opened remotely)
360 €
in Hong Kong
(Cannot be opened remotely)
890 €
in Latvia 360 €
in Mauritius 360 €
in New Zealand 360 €
in Panama 650 €
in Seychelles 360 €
in Singapore 1700 €
in St-Vincent 360 €
in Switzerland 360 €
in Antigua 360 €
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